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January 07, 2019


Elaine Viets

Wow, LynDee! I'm exhausted just reading your blog -- and lost in admiration. Thanks for this amazing look at a writing mom's life.


I am impressed with your resourcefulness and dedication. You definitely put me to shame.

Aimee Hix

Every Word For Itself needs on a tee shirt, sister! :)

MaryAnn Forbes

You are one of my favorite writers and a wonderful woman! Your love of your family and your passion for life and writing shine through all you do. I love Faith and look forward to spending time with Nichelle and her cronies- it’s been awhile. Keep smiling, keep writing & keep being you!

Art Taylor

Congrats on all the great success--and kudos on the hard work behind it and the ability to shift how you work based on needs in other directions. Yay!

LynDee Walker

Thanks so much for the kind words, all. Necessity is the mother of invention, as they say. :)

MaryAnn, you are such a treasure, and I'm forever thankful that my books allowed me to get to know you. Thank you.

Aimee, I quite like that idea, but never thought of it! This is why we make a great team. ;)


Oh my word, LynDee. I still don't know how you do it (but I'm glad you do)!

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