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January 28, 2019



So is that why you haven’t done a woodpecker book yet?

Aimee Hix

We had a woodpecker that liked to peck on the iron door on the chimney. Not the aluminum cap but the outside of the fireplace that could be used to sweep out the ashes.

He must have had a very tough beak or he was very dumb because it made a terrifically loud noise.

LynDee Walker

We have a woodpecker here every spring who pecks at the siding on our house outside my bedroom window. Really early. He's not my favorite bird ever.

Cathy M

My woodpecker puts holes in my palm trees but thankfully, so far, no holes in the house. Of course our house is stucco covered concrete block with a tile roof, so the only wood available is the fascia on the overhang.

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