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February 13, 2019


Art Taylor

Oh goodness! Certainly understand--I stepped down from a couple of group blogs myself after much, much less time--but all the same, gonna miss your posts! (I'll just message you more often in other ways....) :-)


You will be missed Toni. But I still know where to find you.


Definitely the end of an era. You will be missed around here.

Storyteller Mary

May all your endeavors go well. Live long and prosper. <3

Toni LP Kelner

Thanks, folks. This was a really tough decision for me to make.

Clea Simon

You started something great and it lives on. Be proud.

Susan Oleksiw

You've had a great run, and you're leaving behind a going concern. That's a pretty good legacy.


The Mars Rover didn't get me yesterday, but this got me today. Thank you, Toni, for all you've done for all these years.

Deb Romano

You’d certainly better come and visit! I personally need updates on your book publications!

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