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March 27, 2019


Karen Maslowski

That is my favorite joke of all time, Elaine! And my oldest daughter's, too. We were in a poster shop and she bought one that has the same illustration. Lifts her spirits every day.

I think I started with the ears, but I quit eating milk chocolate so long ago that I forget! Now they have dark chocolate bunnies, but I'm more partial to the Dove eggs, to be honest.

Deb Romano

I have always started at the top and worked my way down. And dark chocolate is the best!

Elaine Viets

You can also get the rabbit joke as a T-shirt, Karen.

Elaine Viets

I'm with you, Deb. Dark chocolate all the way, though I don't turn down milk chocolate.


I work from both ends. Start with the ears, then nibble the feet. But honestly, I'd rather have dark chocolate Dove squares than a bunny.

Elaine Viets

Dark chocolate in any shape is good, Kris.

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