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March 12, 2019


Karen Maslowski

We are all fortunate that you found your true calling, Catriona!

My daughter used to call me a sewing goddess. That's my superpower, sewing just about anything.

Keenan Powell

If I had my druthers, I would write in the morning, paint in the early afternoon, walk a dog, edit and then play my pedal harp in the late afternoon and read at night. I miss painting and the harp. As for that nasty plank position, I kept falling down. Turned out my shoulder was trashed, very wobbly, and needed surgery. I have an uncanny sense of direction. When I was 26 years old, I drove straight to my grandparents house in Indiana coming from Sacramento and having not been there in 14 years. You're born with it or you aren't. But pasty baking? For a long time I convinced my kids everything I baked was Cajun-style: blackened.

JD Allen

I learned to drive in Texas where the most common part of directions was "keep goin' til..." I had a great sense of direction even being able to distinguish between the compass points easily. Now I too am unable to find my way back to a recently visited location. I blame menopause. Broke my thermostat, so I assume the stupid hormones broke my compass as well!

Ann Mason.

I wish I could write or sing or paint or play the cello or even flipping walk across the room without fear of falling. I wish I’d taken better care of my carcass when there was a chance of keeping all my joints in motion. I wished I’d danced one more time.

However, I do know Catriona, and that keeps me very happy.


I keep thinking I should try yoga. But considering I can’t plank longer than 10 minutes without hurting my stomach, I’m beginning to reconsider that.

Triss Stein

Thank you for this funny - and lovely- essay. Needed the laughs this AM. (I can't do planks either)

Debi Huff

I'm going to try "chair yoga" next week. Do you suppose the four-legged-stick yoga pose is in the class??? If it is I am going to be very surprised!! I, too, am glad you are a writer!! (And that seems to be an understatement). And my friend!!

Sherry Harris

Love this, Catriona!

June Lorraine Roberts

Great post!

Wendy Fallon

Until I figured out how to use my phone’s GPS, I couldn’t go anywhere without getting lost. I even planned enough time to bumble around, optimistically renaming the trip ‘an adventure,’ until I found my destination. In high school I was so shy, there were tons of things I didn’t think I could do, except one. I could draw, and I was proud of that. It was my super power. But talk to my classmates? Not until our 40th reunion. I went on to score my first corporate job as a technical writer with my art portfolio! Go figure. And now, I find it amazing that such fine writers, Catriona being my first writer celebrity, are in my life.

Edith Maxwell

Perfectly awesome. I'll never catch up with you, but I can also do 3 books a year, plus a couple short stories and zillions of blog post words. I've had a dozen serious careers (seriously) and this last one is my favorite, hands down (on the keyboard, of course)!

Storyteller Mary

Brava for finding what one most wants to do and then doing it well. I wanted to teach since kindergarten, but got my degree in 1972, when most districts were laying off (RIF) teachers. I still dreamt of it, as I worked in other fields, and kept having dreams of it even when in 1980, I finally got to teach. Retired, I still sometimes have teacher dreams. As Thoreau said, it's like being in prison, you never get it off your record. ;-)
Thanks for all the books I finally have time to read. <3

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