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April 08, 2019


Art Taylor

Oh, sounds like such a fun trip! And yes on that one moment being worth it all. :-)
Glad you had such a relaxing and rewarding time!


I’m a big DisNerd, too. I haven’t been the Disneyland for two years now and it’s killing me. I only live an hour away, too. I get the feeling you are talking about from the moment I walk into Main Street.

Now I really want to go!

catriona mcpherson

Love this! We used to go swimming in a public pool and then eat apples and very plain biscuits in a park, as a cheap family day out. And all of us remember it as the best of times.

LynDee Walker

Thanks, all!

Mark: I always vote that if you want to go, you should. Which is what I'm going to tell Darling when I start planning another trip soon. ;)

Catriona: yes! My kids would rather take a picnic to the park than just about anything else. I love it.

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