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April 05, 2019



It gets light earlier in the winter mornings. That may be what the man met. But yes, right after we spring forward, it is dark in the morning when we get up.

Personally, I love having enough light to go for a run after work before it gets dark. Without DST, I don’t see the sun on work days in the winter. There’s a little as I drive to work and on my lunch break, but it’s dark when I get off at night.


Mark, I can see what light later in the day would benefit some people. I guess there's no way to make us all happy with the light situation.


Correction: I can see that light later in the day would benefit some people.

Deb Romano

I love and adore DST! I have so much more energy, and manage to accomplish more when the sun sets later. Very little gets accomplished around here during standard time; I’m mainly moping around in the dark. For a few years a long time ago I commuted to a job in another part of the state. I had to leave home before the sun came up and I did not get home until after sunset, so I never really saw my neighborhood except on weekends. It felt surreal.


Deb, I can see how important that would be to you.

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