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April 17, 2019


Alan P.

The Easter Bunny never came to our house. Easter chocolate did arrive right after Passover, on sale.

For the girls the Easter Bunny was never a thing or with their classmates. I don't think any of their friends thought the bunny was real. Chocolate. Chocolate is real.

When Princess One was under five we had neighbors who had inflatable decorations for Christmas and Easter. She loved the big bunny in the yard and the motorized reindeer in the winter.

Alan P.

Now, my wife's family still watches for Eliuahu to drink some of his wine at Passover. He does need to hit several million sips between Sundown and midnight each year.

Elaine Viets

Chocolate is always real, Alan. I've been at seders with the glass of wine for Eliuahu. He must be a bit tipsy by the end of midnight.


A kid in my kindergarten class told me when I was five that Santa Claus wasn't real, which my mother confirmed. When Easter rolled around, I just figured if Santa was a sham, the Big Bunny must have been, too. The only good thing I can say about learning these truths so young was that then I could dictate what I preferred to find in my Easter basket.

Elaine Viets

LOL -- and what a rotten kid, to end your Santa fun.

Deb Romano

There’s no Easter Bunny???

Elaine Viets

I'm not saying.


Sometime in the earlier years of elementary school. My mom didn't know the custom. After her friends realized this, they showed how an Easter basket was made after I go to bed. I never actually saw a person posing as one but saw the commercials. I actually had to be in a costume for work one year!

Elaine Viets

Those costumes are hot, Cath -- and not in a good way. You should have gotten hazard pay.

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