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May 28, 2019



Thankfully, I had kinder and more biologically-sensitive schools and teachers. At least in this regard. Don't get me started on the way they'd cut hems down if they thought our skirts were too short.

Clea Simon

Walked through Harvard Square yesterday behind two younger women, one lamenting "If I took my bag, they'd think I'd left the discussion. So I had to sneak a tampon out and up my sleeve so I could leave my bag and go change it." Husband looked at me in confusion. Yup, that still happens. Sigh

Cathi Stoler

If I remember correctly, we weren't allowed to have a period in Catholic school, either. (Thank you Sister James)

Edith Maxwell

Stunning! Here's more: my newly minted daughter-in-law, age 30, talks frankly with her and Allan's female housemate (in front of him) about researching washable menstrual pads. It prompted me to go research washable light-day pads. I no longer put THAT kind of plastic in the waste stream every day and I'm grateful to her. Some change is good.

Sally Schmidt

Everything you say is so true, except it was happening in Indiana! Plus the little movie reels to prepare girls for "that time" and those horribly uncomfortable sanitary belts. In high school my boyfriend (hubby of 50 yrs in a couple weeks :-) ) pulled the little blue cellophane wrapped article out of my purse, held it up and asked at the lunch table what it was. But, yes, age does have some benefits. No more of that stuff.

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