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May 14, 2019


Dean James

Thanks for such a lovely tribute. I adored her. She made me feel there was always a way through the darkness somehow. She survived so much personal tragedy, yet still shared joy with us.


Thank you! She was so much more deep and multi-faceted than certain people on FB (CPoFB) are giving her credit for.

Sally Schmidt

Beautiful tribute. I grew up watching the Rock/James G/Cary movies too, but as I got older watched more of her early ones as well. She was always marvelous - smiling, singing, having an adventure. Those with Jack Carson are wonderful. And I could put Calamity Jane on a loop and just watch over and over.


What a wonderful tribute. I’ve seen a few of her movies but I’m not a super fan like so many others. Still, posts like this have been a wonderful tribute to her legacy.


What a beautiful tribute to someone who touched your life!

Kathy Reel

Catriona, what a beautiful tribute to Doris Day. When I was growing up in the 60s, I thought Doris Day was the most wonderful creature there was and love her movies. "Move Over Darling" is one of my favorites. As an adult, I am in awe of her strength as a woman in the movie industry, as a survivor of bad marriages and betrayal, and her loyalty to friends like Rock Hudson, and her commitment to her beloved animals. I'm happy that she had her son as a comfort in her life as long as she did. I always felt that there was a loneliness in her, but that she rose above it and carried on. I guess you could say that she was a real trooper, and we all need examples of survival in our lives.


I loved Doris Day as well. She was a highlight of my growing years. Her movies were always heartfelt and fun. When you left the movie theater, one always felt lighthearted unlike today’s movies.
The old stars were far better than the ones we have now, in my opinion.
Thank you for the beautiful and great review of her life.

Elaine Viets

What a lovely tribute to a beautiful woman, Catriona. Thank you so much.
RIP, Doris Day. You were that Hollywood rarity -- a sincere person.

Annette N

Thanks so much for feeling what I feel. Only one person, my middle daughter, understood how I felt as though I had lost a loved one. I had been emailing birthday greetings to her for a few years. She and I had birthdays a few days apart.

I loved her optimism, and her beauty and her humor and her charm ....and her.

Her movies were more financially successful than many of the super stars of her day. But, for some reason she never got the recognition that went along with being No 1 female box office for several years during the 60's.

She did not have an easy life, yet she seemed able to overcome and move forward.

After the announcement of her death, I watched Pillow Talk and laughed at all the right places all over again.

I am sorry you were never able to see her on the beach Catriona. Don't stop looking, cause we never know.

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