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May 15, 2019


Sally Schmidt

Oh yes, taking a book to the microwave. How did you get hold of my list? :-) My mother would tell me to "go outside" when I was young, so I would, bowl of chips, Coke and book in hand. I have a granddaughter who loves reading as much as I do. She understands always carrying a few PB or HC books in addition to the e-reader(s) - what if ALL the power goes out and what if you finish the first book you brought with you?

Elaine Viets

LOL. We must have been separated at birth, Sally. I feel the same way.


...when you could paper a wall with Summer reading certificates. All read by the second week. (They give Cardinal baseball tickets, these days.)


Elaine Viets

Yes! And now you can get baseball tickets? Even better.

Catriona McPherson

... reading one-eyed when I'm too tired to keep both open.

And guilty as charged on most of these, including a cat called Dennis Buggit (from THE SHIPPING NEWS).


You spend a day by yourself at an amusement park, and get a book read while waiting in the lines. And you consider it an awesome day.

Rebecca Pass

When the doctor shows up promptly for your scheduled appointment. Or when I find muself next in line 'any line' and now must stop reading and interact with the person there to help me. Stupid efficiency.

Elaine Viets

Yes, Mark! I carry a book with me everywhere, even when I go to the post office, because I know I'll be in a line somewhere.

Elaine Viets

Also guilty as charged, Catriona. We had a cat called Hodge, after Samuel Johnson's cat. Boswell wrote a passage about Londoners killing cats and Johnson said, "Hodge shall not be shot!"

Elaine Viets

I'm with you, Rebecca. And I've pulled the plug on the TV in waiting rooms so I could read in peace.

Alan P.

The girls hated summer reading certificates and reading logs. Thankfully, the reading logs are fading away. They both read so much more than their classmates. The AP reading list has sadly killed Princess One's recreational reading. But they love buying books. BONUS: They are probably old enough to read their favorite mystery author!

Alan P.

My father always carried a paperback in the car, his briefcase, and his pocket. Long line at the Post Office? I will be finishing this chapter.

Elaine Viets

"BONUS: They are probably old enough to read their favorite mystery author!" Hooray! The princesses have finally grown into my books.
Your dad was a man after my heart.

Triss Stein

Very funny. Totally true

Elaine Viets

Thanks, Triss. You're another writer/reader.


Elaine, you've nailed us bookworms! I'm more likely to have something in the oven than the microwave, but I've burned food there because I forgot about it while reading.

Elaine Viets

Me, too, Kris.I once burned boil-in-the-bag lima beans because I was reading. Never did get the melted plastic off the pot.

Deb Romano

Just about everything you mentioned applies to me! And I had the fire department here around seventeen years ago because I put something in the broiler, picked up my book, and promptly forgot that I was cooking. The sight and smell of smoke reminded me. There was a small fire in the broiler. Good news: no lasting damage; the firefighters blew all the smoke out with their huge fans.

Elaine Viets

LOL -- that was your true bookworm initiation, Deb. Glad you were OK>

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