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May 03, 2019


Susan Neace

Early in my practice the circuit judge I was most often arguing before had been a teacher prior to attending law school. He corrected bad grammar in legal pleadings with a red pen. He told me he once received a brief in a case that was so bad he sent it back to the lawyer to be rewritten.
I sure hope I caught all the mistakes in this text before you get it.


I know I look horrible online. I just don’t see any errors no matter how carefully I reread in something I’ve just written. I need an hour before I can edit myself at a minimum.

And I will never get it’s and its. I’ve tried. Really I have.

So I’m forgiving of the occasional slip up, even in published novels. But I have read some things that were so bad they were unreadable. Heck, I have several run ins with a reviewer whose grammar was so bad it was painful it looked something. Like this. No really it did.

Words and in browser editors catch so much now there really is no excuse if you care. I’ll admit it took me too many years to care enough to go back and edit my reviews before posting, however.

But let’s not get into the errors added by auto correct for those of us using our phones.


LOL, Susan! A man after my own heart!


Mark, I think you're being too hard on yourself. Your writings always look good. You are right about autocorrect, though; when autocorrect makes some crazy substitution over and over, I want to believe there's someone in my computer just having fun with me. ;)

catriona mcpherson

I think it matters too! It makes me seethe to imagine that children aren't being given the option to choose a style: formal or informal; casual or fancy; idiolect or standard. It's never a bad idea to have more tools in the box.

Where I part ways with grammar police is when their views shade into a (pointless) requirement that language stops changing. I've recently decided to sit out all "pet peeve" discussions online, because I'm no fun and and I spoil it for people when they're trying to enjoy being outraged.


Catriona, I agree 100%.

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