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June 07, 2019



One of my favorite things? Not having to deal with yard work since I live in a condo. I kill so many plants this is a very good thing.


Mark, I get that. I remain hopeful when it comes to new plants, but I've killed so many, too.

Deb Romano

Like Mark, I live in a condo. I like that I can grow tomatoes, herbs, flowers on my deck, and that someone else is responsible for maintaining the grounds. I like to sit on the deck and read in the summer, especially when everything growing on the deck is in full glory!


Hey, Kris! Did you know that Rick and I bought our house 4.5 years ago and had it renovated, inside and out, except for the kitchen, which Rick’s been building ever since we moved in? Oh, girl, I totally get that “pulling out your hair” thing! We lived in our 17’ Casita Travel Trailer in the backyard while the renovations were made, March-August, and moved into the house in August of 2015. Then this year we added a screened porch onto the back of the house. Although I love all of our little house, I think maybe having my morning coffee on the porch, and having the French doors open to the porch on these perfect spring days might be the part I love most about my house.
The landscaping will wait until next year. Or maybe I’ll insist that the kitchen be completed before any more projects get started!


Deb, that sounds heavenly!


Toni, I think you're my hero. I couldn't do what you've been doing. In CA, we lived in an RV for a year while our house was being restored after an earthquake, and I still remember how much Joe complained about living that small. Your porch sounds heavenly! Good luck with getting Rick to finish your kitchen.


You never fail to educate me Jris! Who knew the story behind junipers? We’ve been living in our home that we built and I know how you feel about the move then pulling your hair out. We still need landscaping but it continues to take a backseat on our list. Glad to hear how you enjoy it as well as having local friends! 💕


Thanks, Cath. I'm glad I'm not the only one who needs to do some landscaping. I'm all for letting it slide for a while, too.

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