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July 05, 2019



I knew about the red and green sauce. I just can’t remember which is hotter. Don’t think I knew about Christmas meaning both, but I like that.


Mark, the red sauce is typically hotter, though I've had some fairly hot green, and red that's not as hot as I've hoped. I like calling both Christmas, too.

Deb Romano

A long time ago I read that a medical doctor relocated to New Mexico. He did a Change of Address for a professional publication he subscribed to. The publication sent him a letter stating that his subscription cost was going up, since he was no longer in the US!

Barbara Gabioud

And for just a bit of clarification -- Xochitl Torres Small is a female!


Funny, Deb. Only not really funny when you realize that whoever sent out that message should have known!


Thanks, Barbara. That's an important addition!

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