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July 09, 2019


Jess Lourey

100% this: "Talk about the books you're reading, not the one you're writing. Specifically, never (EVER, like NEVER) pitch your book to anyone who hasn't just asked you to pitch your book."

Lyda L McPherson

I'm arriving late to the party however...thank you for this. Thank you for taking the time to be available to the people who respect your work and yes, respect and love you! This gets printed out and re-read by me at regular intervals.

Edith Maxwell

I'm off to tell the Guppies they must read this! Great stuff.

Deb Romano

As a reader, I appreciate this insider’s peek into how books I love came to be. I’m grateful for all the authors who persisted! I encourage all to not give up! (I need more books to put on my TBR pile:-)

Rachele Baker

This was wonderful, Catriona. Thanks for sharing your insights.

Shea E. Butler

Thank you so much for sharing. Not only this email with all its great advice and information, but for sharing at conferences and being open and welcoming. I met you at the recent California Crime Writers Conference (my first) and all the panels, panelists and key notes helped fill my cup of knowledge to the brim. At the time I was unpublished but can now happily say that my first short story just got bought by Mystery Magazine! The Guppies and everyone at the conference were a big part in helping me make that first sale. So thank you! You're awesome Catriona. :) :)

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