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August 02, 2019


Susan Neace

My husband is a coffee freak. We used to buy our beans green and roast them but we stopped after our 2nd roaster bit the dust. The professional roasters are out of our price range but the ones we could afford didn't last long. We used a French press to make the freshly ground coffee but I kept breaking the glass carafe so I finally located a stainless steel one on the internet that is insulated and we have had it for years. We were given a big 12 cup coffee maker which comes out for big family events but otherwise we repeatedly make pots of coffee (although I stop at noon, he can drink regular coffee and go to bed at night)
He's a retired engineer and constantly is fixing something. He rebuilds the electronics in radios from the 30s and record players from the 60s. I bought my sewing machine in 1978. I think we aren't likely to buy throwaway clothes


Susan, I'm glad to know that someone loves coffee even more than I do! How lucky you are to have someone who can fix things for you! I wish either of us could.

Deb Romano

I would like to believe that Washless clothing is a joke! People like myself, retirees on fixed incomes, will not want to basically throw money in the trash. I hang on to my clothing for as long as I possibly can. And I wash it all, of course!

When I bought my condo thirty years ago, it came with the original refrigerator from 1974. The only thing I didn’t like about it was the color, Harvest Gold. (Remember, this building was constructed on the 70s.) It served me well for many years. Five years ago it needed to be replaced. I was shocked to be told that the average “lifespan” of a refrigerator is now five to seven years. The salesman told me to be sure to buy the extended warranty and that he and his wife had already used theirs a couple of times on a three year old refrigerator. I couldn’t believe that a SALESMAN was telling me this! I didn’t see it as a selling point! I did buy one from him, and as I said, it’s now five years old. So far I’ve had no problems. If necessary, I will use my warranty as much as possible before giving in and buying a new fridge.

Regarding coffee: When I retired in the spring of 2018 I bought a coffee grinder and a small coffee maker. The coffee maker came with a stainless steel mug. I decided that I wanted to drink coffee MY way, after years and years of having whatever worked for an office full of people with different coffee tastes. I drink one mug per day. Actually, I don’t always finish it. I make it at breakfast time, and begin drinking it. I put it aside when I go out (God forbid I should stay home ) and continue drinking it when I return.Sometimes I’m still drinking it at 4pm, but I enjoy every sip!


Deb, sadly, I'm not shocked about the refrigerator life expectancy quoted to you. How is it possible that something so expensive isn't built to last. I wish I could feel satisfied with one cup of coffee a day. But good for you for giving yourself the coffee you want now that you're retired!


It is shocking how often some things need to be relaxed these days. But I’m not spending $85 on a washless shirt. $5 is more my speed period.


Mark, that's more my speed, too. If I spent $85 on a T-shirt, I'd expect it to last for life, and that would sure require some washings.

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