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September 23, 2019



What a fun post. Thanks Edith/Maddie.

I do usually follow an author around to different sub-genres. However, if I don't care for a series or a subgenre, I will skip it. It's mostly a case by case decision.

Edith Maxwell

Thanks, Mark!

Marla B

What a fun interview! And yes, I will read different genres if it's an author I like. As long as the story is good it doesn't much matter to me how it's classified.

Storyteller Mary

I stand in awe of the talent and hard work involved in creating characters that feel so real in situations of suspense, and with lessons deftly included. Yes, I follow favorite writers through new series (and name changes) and happily write reviews to help keep the book coming. I'm looking forward to details of the EQ podcast as well.

Marilyn Watson

I love cozy, traditional, historical and golden age mysteries but only in certain categories i.e. Era's... If the Author writes in cozy I will look at her others but it depends on the Era as to whether I would read it.

Sally Fortney

I will follow an author to different series or genres. Mostly I like them all but sometimes I just stay with the original favorite series. At least I give them a try.

Robin L. Coxon

I read both you and your alter ego. Each series is so unique but my favorite is the Midwife series. I am a historical fiction reader and these fascinate me. Keep on writing.

Sandy Todd

What a fun interview! Love you both! Yes, I do read an author's alter-ego most of the time and find that it is nice to see the different writing styles one person can have. Thanks for a chance to win ladies! lol

Kara Marks

Fun interview. I usually read an author’s alter-ego too. Legallyblonde1961@yahoo.com

Edith Maxwell

And the winners are Sally Fortney and Sandy Todd! Please write to me at edith@edithmaxwell.com. Congratulations, and thanks to everyone for stopping by. I wish I had a book for each of you.

Paulo Roberto Carvalho da Costa Junior

Beautiful I thought it was great post congratulations

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