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September 30, 2019



I can see your point, but I hated the ending of Angel. That was a cliffhanger, not an ending. It was one of the reasons I haven't watched any show by Joss Whedon in years. He can't end a story to save his life. (Hated the ending of Buffy, too.)

I'm still a little behind on Kinsey, having just listened to "O" this month. But I'm already mourning reaching the end. My guess is I will be okay with the series ending at "Y" (partially because I have to be), but a part of me will always be curious what she would have done with "Z."


I also haven't read Y yet, and probably won't for a while. I'm of two-minds. While I wish Sue could have completed Z and had a "What's next?" time in her life, I suppose I like thinking that Kinsey doesn't have an ending, that we can imagine her living her life and having further adventures, even if we don't know about them.

Barb Goffman

This is why I was so unhappy with the choices the people behind Major Crimes made in the show's final season. Killing off Sharon? Why? I read an article explaining it was designed to help the audience grieve a few episodes before the end. But I was already grieving. I didn't need that slap in the face too. I prefer to not think about what happened. In my mind the squad members--all of them--of the Major Crimes Unit of the LAPD are still working their cases, alive and well. I just don't get to see them anymore.


I know what you mean. I'm a big fan of Peter O'Donnell's comic strip/novels featuring Modesty Blaise. I was spoilered for what he did to the characters in his last book and I refused to read it for YEARS. Leave my beloved characters alone, dammit, they should be eternal, as they are in my head. And I'm still pissed off at the ending for Quantum Leap. Star Trek: The Next Generation got it spot on, at least for the TV show :)

Donna M Williams More

There is a sadness to knowing there will be no more books and chances to visit with a character or universe, no surprises in store, that forever after I will always know how the story ends when I re-visit. Meg has now overflowed a shelf - I had to file the last one at the end of the Emma Lathen collection, which will forever not quite fill a shelf. It's better when I know that the characters filled out their lifespan - Lord Peter and John Thatcher wouldn't be around to solve any more mysteries, anyway. It is just possible that I let it all be too real for me.


1, "Random penguin." lol

2. Curtain is definitely not one of Christie's strongest works, and the ending would probably make you very angry. It was an unusual and different problem, though.

3. I hope we are still reading about Meg and Michael when they are grandparents and the third generation is thwarting criminal shenanigans. In a way, I wish they were ageless and we could keep Meg's parents and grandparents around forever, because they are wonderful.

Theresa Williams

I was in the middle was Y when Ms. Grafton passed. I was heartbroken. I also was at an empass with myself. Do I finish the book or not. Knowing that there would never be another! I finished it and wept. Like you Kinsey is still around.

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