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September 13, 2019



No fun spam stories to share. But you need to factor in the spam I get because of my reviews at Amazon. Seriously, that adds so many to my email box every day.

Susan Neace

Our 50 some year old neighbor lost her husband just after we bought our house 2 years ago. Her relationship with her adult children was not happy, she had physical problems that resulted in a dependence on pain meds and she was desperately lonely. She couldn't drive. The doctor she met on the internet who promised her true love was to be her salvation and she was happy to send him money. Her daughter was frantically trying to find a way to stop the drain on her limited resources when our neighbor died of an accidental overdose. I wish we could shut the scammers down.


Mark, what a nuisance! Why should you have to sort through that every day?


Susan, what a really tragic story. That poor woman. The memory her daughter has to live with is also sad.

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