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September 06, 2019



Welcome to the Femmes, Liz. The anthology sounds great.

Elizabeth Zelvin

Thanks for having me on the blog, Kris. I'll be looking forward to hearing opinions from femmes, hommes, and non-binaires on this topic.

Julia Buckley

These are great points, Liz. I'm glad to be a part of your anthology.

Ann Rawson

I really enjoyed your analysis, Liz - I hadn't thought it through in such detail.

At the moment it seems particularly important that we remember that there's more than one way to be a victim and a survivor. That's so often missed in our everyday lives, and is at the heart of what seems to be going wrong with the justice system here in the UK

I am so pleased to have my first published short story in this anthology.

V.S. Kemanis

Words of wisdom, Liz! Many insightful points in this article. I'm honored to have a story in this anthology.

Elizabeth Zelvin

After mentioning the non-binary alternative without much thought because thinking in a new way about gender is such a part of the fabric of our culture these days, I began to think some more about how important it is for gender politics and the politics of oppression in general not to sweep the plight of abused mainstream women under the rug—traditional women, white women, middle class women—as if they have it all or choose to be abused. Oppression is NEVER a choice, whether it comes from being marginalized or from being intimidated or bullied. That's exactly what the Me Too movement is about.

Eve Fisher

Great post, Liz. I'm proud to be part of this anthology.

Lynn Hesse

I am glad to give voice to the women and men who struggle against the domestic violence cycle. We learn to abuse.

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