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September 02, 2019


Deb Romano

I’ve been spending time this weekend on a kitchen- decluttering project, and have made a fair amount of headway. But now I need to make decisions about where to store certain items I’m keeping, and whether or not I should just toss them. Wait! Terns of Endearment is out? Maybe I should take a trip to the bookstore. The items I’m unsure about will still be here when I get back. But I wanted to get a certain amount of work done in the kitchen before going to bed tonight! What to do?!


I love the title of the book you are working on!

Cathy M

Just to show the impact of your work - I listen to your books when I cut the grass and clean the house. It diverts my mind from the endless cycle of clean becomes unclean thus necessitating more cleaning. I like books that engage my mind without depressing me. And your books on my e-readers give me comfort reads while waiting to see which way hurricanes will go.

Thanks for hours of enjoyment.


I loved Tearns of Endearment & am excited for Owl Be Home For Christmas!

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