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November 13, 2019


Karen in Ohio

It IS my idea of fun, and I'd adore a signed copy, if possible.

You always manage to stuff such interesting facts into your books, Catriona, things I would never otherwise have heard of, like the burry man, for instance. And following Dandy on her various adventures throughout that part of the world is better than a travelogue, but with murder!


Congrats on your third book release in three weeks! Always a reason to celebrate.

Sally Schmidt

Congrats on all the releases, and great to see you back on the blog today. Although you'd probably like to be resting. Oh well, we need you to write.
Running amok is always my idea of fun! What a trip we take in your books, and then it gets even fuller in your blog posts. Great cover. I would love to win a copy, and just for the record I think Death-in-a-Puppet-Tent-on-sea is a wonderful title.


Definitely fun!

Sam Fidler

I am looking forward once again to read Dandys exploits. I'm so glad you work so hard Catriona, as I hang out for your books! They are a pleasure to read and my copies are much loved.

Sharon Gorley

I'm always entertained by the wordplay in your blog posts. Love your books, too!


I'm adding Pauline, Marion, Merritt, Celia, Trish, Robin, Simona and Carol (who commented on Fb) to the draw. And now I'm off to Random dot org to get a name. Cx


Trish - you have won the giveaway!

Ann Mason

How am I just seeing this now? Is my status as your favorite stalker in jeopardy? And I see nothing wrong with Death-in-a-Puppet Tent as a logical place name. Xx. Ann

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