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December 10, 2019


Karen in Ohio

We once had a dog named Knife. Because he was meant to be my protector. He should have been named Jello.

Deb Romano

I was a real estate title searcher for a number of years, and ran across so many unusual names from land records of the early 1900s that I began keeping a list of them. Two of my favorites were Otto Klumpf and Percival Schmuck.

Jane Neil-MacLachlan

I knew a young man with autism who had a cat called Babe. However, if the cat had been naughty or disappointed him in any way the cat was then called Gordon.

Ann Mason

My ex-husband’s grandmother was called Eva Mary but her real name was Evangeline Myrtle. Top that.

My mother’s maiden name was Duckers. The family consisted of Sadie Belle, Charlie, Esther Varina, Dorothy Vera, Donis Helen June and Keith Grafton. All Duckers. Somehow it reminds me of The Darling Buds of May.

Susan Neace

Two kittens we kept from a litter from a pregnant stray we took in were named Meta4 and Simile. The oddest last name I ran across working in Western Kentucky was P’Poole. A client told me it was short for Pettypoole

Leslie Karst

My grandfather was Theophelus Parvin Cook. He went by Parvin, and always said he hated his name. Later in life, after he was long gone, I wondered why he didn't just go by Theo.

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