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January 14, 2020



Thank for sharing your memories with us. What a lovely tribute.

Mary Ellen Carlen

Thank you so much for this story....she will be terribly missed.So very glad I was turned onto her books by a friend so long ago...they were my cozy companions thru some of life's hardest knocks.God Bless and keep her and her Harry.


Mary - it certainly does stop us from begrudging her leaving, doesn't it? She missed him so very much.

joy baldwin

I certainly will miss MC BEATON. love her books and I say this truthfully ,I never found a boring paragraph in the books I read though I have not read all of them but I have read all of her books that my library has. every time I go there I look to see if there are any new ones. a writer should be judged by the appeal of their writing and I say this, who wouldn't love these entertaining stories? i put her up there with the greats.


What a lovely tribute, Catroina. She must be smiling from somewhere.

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