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March 10, 2020



Congrats to all. See you Thursday if it tomorrow night.

Tara Laskowski

Oh man, I wish I could be there to celebrate (and laugh!) with you all on Saturday!! Hugs from afar!

Ellen Byron

Thanks so much for this, Catriona! Loved reading my fellow nom's dicey comic moments.

Karen in Ohio

"a port-a-loo hire-company manger who loves his job just a wee bit too much"


Keenan Powell

Leslie: I laughed out loud at the line when I read it. Catriona: I always blame the dog even if it died months earlier. Sorry I'll miss your panel. I'm on the law panel instead. I think they'd notice if I snuck out to watch you guys instead.

Leslie Karst

Wendall--My dog could work for that guy's company, mutilating the stuffed animals. She'd even do it for free! And I so want to hear what Michael Dukakis requested of the genie.

Thanks Catriona for setting up this post, and I am SO looking forward to this panel on Friday and seeing you all!

Cynthia Kuhn

You all are so funny! Cannot wait to (a) see everyone and (b) laugh with you on the panel. Also LOVE that picture, Catriona, of the books IRL. Yays all around.

Thanks so much for hosting us today! xo


Thanks for coming, everyone. I can't wait to see you all in San Diego.

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