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July 10, 2020


Jane DiLucchio

We're currently trying to deter weeds by putting brown paper sacks on top of the soil with stones covering them. Not trying to amend the soil, just trying to stop those abundant weeds. (Did you send some over from your house?) Good luck with the lasagna!


Hah! I didn't send any to your house, Jane, but if I thought it would work, I'd send them somewhere. What a novel way to get rid of weeds. I'll have to try that. I often pour vinegar on mine, but I wouldn't try that too close to plants you want to flourish.

Susan Neace

We removed a non functioning lamppost In our recently purchased house on a rise in the ground outside our living room window. The soil was rock hard clay and concrete remnants after the base of the lamppost was removed. My husband tilled it but decided to build 3 tiers of raised beds in the space. We hauled in 3 loads of compost to fill the beds. The results for the plants I added have been spectacular


Susan, you give me such hope! That sounds spectacular.

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