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August 03, 2020



This should be fun. The twins are getting old enough to be interesting on their own.

Sally Fortney

I love your books because you make all the crazy things that happen make sense. I've never been to a Renaissance Fair but the building that I used to work in has peregrine falcons nesting there. Not a fan of portapotties either. Stay safe and well.


My pre-order is on its way as we speak. Should have it tomorrow or Wednesday. Can't wait to read it.

peggy swartzentruber

I'm looking forward to it as usual. Cordelia and Meg's grandfather are entertaining by themselves. Add the rest of the crew and it should be a riot.

Rose Dufault

I love the phrase 'comic bedlam'. It's perfect. And, through it all, Meg manages to keep a grip on all things Langslow, Hollingsworth, and Waterston. Please don't change a comma.


A group of actors winging it among cuckoo Renaissance Faire peeps? What could possibly go wrong?


Looking forward to the book! The average Ren Faire portapotty often looks like falcons threw a late-night party in it (complete with the occasional stray feather), so I don’t blame Mother for nearly staying home.

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